Justice for Victims of Rape

Justice for Victims of Rape

Justice for Victims of RapeJustice for Victims of RapeJustice for Victims of Rape



Our Goals

Justice For Kirsti, Our Story

On St. Patrick's Day March 17th, 2015 our daughter Kirsti was brutally raped by two undocumented employees working at a popular local sports bar where she was celebrating St. Patrick's Day. She was intoxicated and was going to call her regular cab driver to pick her up, the same one that dropped her off there earlier that evening. The owner of the establishment insisted his employees would drive her home, they also did not have driver licenses. She never made it home that night, instead these men repeatedly and brutally raped her and dumped her off in a dark area of a local strip mall parking lot. These men told her they had her address and threatened to kill her if she went to the police. She went to the police. Seven months later she was found dead. No arrests have yet been made for the rape or her death. With current California law now and at the time of her rape, her witnessed level of intoxication by many, video taped confessions, outward physical signs of injury, rape exam, this should have been a slam-dunk case. We believe the "Sanctuary" status of Contra Costa County and California State, along with the politics involved have played a part in this case and is a reason no arrests have yet been made. Contra Costa County recently had a backlog of over 2400 untested rape kits, one of the largest in the United States. This shows a misguided mindset within the DA's office towards victims of rape. These are our daughters, wives, family members  and our friends that this is happening to, this is a second crime that they are the victim of. Because of this action, or probably more correctly, lack of action, my daughter died in pain and scared for her life.The brave victims of rape that have stepped forward do what they feel is the right course of action generally find themselves in a predicament where no justice is served. They report the crime to the police, they go through a grueling very personal interview, a very intrusive rape evidence exam and put trust in the justice system and police to protect them, then the justice system turns their back on them and in most instances the rapists are still running free now feeling empowered and above the law. Don't these public servants take an oath to serve and protect and to uphold and enforce our laws whether they are local, county, state or federal ? Contra Costa County's District Attorney recently signed a plea deal with the California State Attorney General's office which included his immediate resignation just this June of 2017. Charges included embezzlement of money and allegations of misuse of funds intended for victims of crime. I believe the news agencies stated there were about 30 crimes he was originally charged with. I believe he plea bargained down to about 3. Disgusting. justice system

Our Cause, Our Mission

To fight for justice for Kirsti and other women both locally and across the United States. As we have been getting the word out, we have met too many people here locally whose rapes have been ignored even though they have taken all the right steps. No wonder only 1 in 3 come forward. We intend to change this and will strive to get more of these rapes on the books, court dockets and prosecuted. Right now as a National Statistic, 994 out of 1000 rapists will walk free. This is inexcusable and unacceptable. From personal experience, we have found that there is a huge amount of collateral damage from these crimes that extends far beyond the act of the original crime and often extends past the victims themselves and stretches outwards to loved ones such as spouses, parents, siblings, children, other family members and friends. We want to be able to help provide resources and support services for all those hurt and effected by these crimes.

Course of Action

Fight for justice for Kirsti and other women who have become victims of sexual assault here locally and across the United States. We intend to bring strong media attention to this problem and bring about great public pressure on the law enforcement agencies and judicial systems to enforce the laws and put these types of animals behind bars where they belong. This is a great cause for concern for the public safety of our nations daughters. Every woman is someones daughter. I call on our Nation's Fathers to unite behind this cause. We are accepting donations for this cause via PayPal and donations for a trust fund for Kirsti's daughter Kayla that survives her, another victim of this crime. At this time, please differentiate your choice/choices in the Paypal note/message at the time of donation. Currently we have T-shirts available in adult small, medium, large and x-large, and xx-large. One T-shirt can be included free with each incremental donation of $25 or more with free shipping within the continental United States. Net proceeds from the shirts will go towards the cause with $2 dollars for every shirt going to Kayla's trust fund. As soon as I figure out how to do this transaction easier on this site, I will. We intend to make more product choices available soon. The more shirts worn, the more the word will get out about this cause and call to action. The laws that are on the books already, need to get enforced, and new laws need to be made.



Available with each $25 or more donation

Currently we have a limited amount left of the adult small and medium sizes available. We have quite a few large, x-large, and xx-large available. If we run out of your size it may take up to three weeks for us to have more shirts made and delivered to you. Free shipping will be included for shirts shipped within the continental United States. You can donate and receive shirts by using the Paypal Donation Button below and let us know what size shirt you will need within the PayPal message/note area. Shirts are limited to one shirt per $25 incremental donation. For example - $50 donation can equal 2 shirts, $75 donation can equal 3 shirts, and so on. We also accept straight donations towards the cause. Net proceeds from the T-shirts will go towards the cause and $2 for each shirt will go into a trust fund for Kirsti's daughter Kayla. We also accept donations that go strictly to the cause or strictly towards Kayla's Trust fund. Wear these shirts and spread the word that we are fed up with the lack of action to put these criminals behind bars! 

Future Products

We intend to expand and be able to offer additional products such as hats, other types of clothing, self defense and assault deterrent products where legal. We also would appreciate any further product ideas and t-shirt designs, hat designs or other shirt/clothing varieties that can be made available. Please send your ideas to us using the contact form on the contact us page. Thank you!

Thank you so much for any kind donations!

Take care and be safe!!!

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